San Diego Automotive Museum


The automobile represents a wide range of subject matter, from social studies (including local and national history) to science, physics, technology, and art. The impact of the automobile on American society has been long-lasting. At the Museum, children can begin to understand the importance of the automotive industry and its effects on innovation, personal identity, national identity, and the arts.

Our STEAM-focused programs, activities, and projects will support students in hands-on learning about car culture, design, and engineering. Through these specialized activities, students will have the opportunity to create car designs, make their own models, investigate engine technologies from different eras, learn to identify cars from various decades, and see classic cars up close and personal. All of our activities are in line with Common Core standards and the Next Generation Science Standards for California Public Schools.

Are you looking to switch gears and fuel up your student’s learning? Join us for school field trips, winter camp, or check out our new Vocational Education Academy. Educators can access resources for pre-recorded activities and curricula.