Bruce Meyers Signing at the San Diego Automotive Museum!

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Bruce Meyers Signing at the San Diego Automotive Museum!

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Spanning the 60 years of Bruce Meyers's legendary off road life, Call To Baja is an introduction to the man, his adventures in Baja, and the way the Meyers Manx came into being. Bruce conceived of the Manx through his observation of the clumsy early off road vehicles of the time. In 1964, he introduced a fiberglass body to his concept. After winning the 1967 Mexican 1000 race ahead of all of the other competitors by a jaw dropping 4 hours, he brought the public’s attention to off road racing. Call to Baja also describes his races and his lifelong passion for the off road life, including details about his escapades in Baja and the joy he found there. Finally, the book outlines the importance of the Meyers Manx to the off road community and how it inspired a love for off road that remains today.

All sales at the door. Join us on Sunday, October 22nd from 5:30 to 8:30 to celebrate the man and his mission!

$35 package: One copy of Call to Baja plus after-hours admission to the museum and the signing!

$15 package: After-hours admission to the museum and the signing!

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Call to Baja book: $25 each

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