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Economy of Motion

Economy of Motion: Fuel-Efficient Cars

This is an exhibit of more than small fuel efficient, low cost cars. It’s an exhibit of human ingenuity, creativity, and simplicity.

What we drive seems – most of the time – to reflect what we need or desire at the time. These cars represent those eras where concept applies. In the early days, any transportation was acceptable. Cyclecars – three-wheeled / two-passenger vehicles did just fine. Later, post WWII, in order to ramp up industrial production or simply to get workers on the road, the Microcar came about. Low cost in production, low cost in fueling, and simple in their creative ideas, the microcar is a fine example of what the unfettered mind can accomplish when the need arises.

Today, the need is for "Green," or clean in operation and clean in production. Serious fuel efficiency is uppermost, but near zero in exhaust emissions is also a major consideration. The Toyota Prius is our best example of that expectation. The Smart Car is another example. Sadly, the next generation of "Clean" cars are not represented here because of the reluctance of manufacturers to set aside their current and future products. What we do have on our floor are two examples of what individuals have done in developing their vehicles. Both are electric – one a home designed three-wheel vehicle and the other a converted VW. These – I believe – are what injects excitement and therefore creativity into this industry.

We have exhibited Ferraris, Porsches, and other wonderful cars, but the owners of these little cars show more dedication – enthusiasm, and excitement than most. Please acknowledge the following exhibitors:

Minh Duong – 3 wheeler experimental

Bob Bacci – Corvair

Jerry Lee – Prius

Haven Putnam – VW electric

George Camp – Metro

Bob Poggi – Mini / 2 CV

Ivan Steward – Scooter

Todd Banks – Scooter

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