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Diamonds in the Rust

A custom of rust. Instead of loathing rust and the degradations of time, as many do in the car scene, the Rat Rodder welcomes and embraces it. Time and life may have taken their toll, but Rats see beauty in what is often discarded and left to disintegrate. Resurrecting the old and making something new, with no rules or boundaries, is the Rat Rodder’s goal. While the majority of Rat Rods seem to be born of vehicles from the ‘20s and ‘30s, vehicles of any make, model, or time are fair game. All Rats, No Mercy! Some Rat Rodders have even developed methods to bring about rust and stylized decay to add to their creation’s appearance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, indeed.

Come see a stellar selection of Rat Rods from February 2nd thru June 3rd.

These from our preview at the San Diego International Auto Show: