Lowrider Legends of San Diego

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Lowrider Legends of San Diego

No one can deny that the cars we see cruising the boulevards, lowered to the ground, painted in the most amazing colors and designs. These cars are special. The lowrider is creativity escalated to a level that makes you wonder and smile with glee. The question is "How did this happen? Where did these ideas come from? Why the automobile?"

To put it simply, the lowrider automobile is an artistic message that says "We are expressing our unique culture."   Originating primarily in Southern California (mostly Los Angeles), Texas and Arizona, the lowrider represents the unique take on what could be described as a Mexican cultural custom called the paseoThis is a tradition where the youth in villages circle around the village plaza, women walking in one direction and men the other – often checking each other out and flirting. In some cases, the local caballeros (cowboys), would deck out themselves and their horses and join in the fun. Lowriding has taken this to modern times, cruising the boulevards of East Los Angeles to El Paso, Texas.

The San Diego Automotive Museum is pleased to present this exhibit for your enjoyment. The mission of the museum is to present the cultural impact the automobile has on our collective culture, and lowriders are a classic and poignant example of that. In addition to being an important part of the community, the cars are also works of art and styling. 

David Aguilar, a local lowrider, is the featured exhibitor. Mr. Aguilar has been building lowriders for dozens of years and has transformed them into spectacular works of art. Coming from a long history of cars and customizing, he is well-known for his work. His work was displayed at the museum’s previous lowrider exhibit in 2006.

This exhibit also features lowrider memorabilia and some smaller items (pedal cars and a tricycle). Car club jackets, plaques, and specialty boards are included. Each vehicle is unique in its styling, design, and execution.  In addition, a special display of interactive art has been installed in the Explore area -  huge fun for kids of all ages. Adults too!

Immerse yourself in the amazing art and lifestyle of the lowrider. Enjoy the ride!

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