Lowriders: The Art of Low and Slow

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Lowriders: The Art of Low and Slow

Lowriding - A Global Phenomenon

Elements of lowriders and the lowrider lifestyle have appealed to cultures worldwide. Universal traits such as the sense of community, the rebellion of the mainstream (nonconformity), the reverence of cars, artistic expression, and family appeal to the deep needs of belonging, social connection, and sense of identity.  Lowrider communities have developed in Japan, and in other parts of Asia, such as Thailand and Indonesia, European countries such as Sweden and Norway, and other Latin cultures such as Brazil.

Lowriding is a celebration of life in relation and connection to cars and community. It allows for relationships to be made for the love of cars and for extended family. We invite you to relish the vehicles, artwork, and the culture of Lowriding in our upcoming exhibit from October 18th to February 1st.

Check out this video of Lowriders leaving this year's Auto Show at the Convention Center and look below the video for pictures from the our exhibit AND from the 2020 Auto Show.

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