Three Decades in the Rearview: A 30th Anniversary Retrospective.

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Three Decades in the Rearview: A 30th Anniversary Retrospective.

The San Diego Automotive Museum opened in December of 1988 with the exhibit Power and Glory, the Evolution of Racing. For the following 30 years it would go on to exhibit vehicles from all around the globe, cars and motorcycles of all makes, models, and styles. Most importantly, the museum celebrated the culture surrounding automobiles. Focusing not only on the technology, but also on the romance surrounding every vehicle whether they be race cars, hot rods, muscle cars, coaches, customs, lowriders, off-road, or even vehicles of the two or three-wheeled variety.

We of the San Diego Automotive Museum have encapsulated this rich 30-year history in our Three Decades in the Rearview exhibit. Trying to distill 30 years of automotive culture, excellence, and excitement in one building and in one exhibit is a challenging task, but we hope you enjoy the variety and uniqueness of the vehicles displayed here and we trust that each vehicle will inspire you to learn more about the genre of automotive culture it represents.

Check out pictures from our 30th Anniversary Gala by clicking here and see pictures from the exhibit below.


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