San Diego Automotive Museum

Vocational Education Academy

The goal and purpose of the San Diego Automotive Museum’s Vocational Education Program is to prepare under-resourced students who are living below the poverty line for post-secondary education and employment in the automotive industry. Upon completion of the program, students will: understand vehicle engine performance, and electrical and technological workings; diagnose and repair vehicles; and learn how to change and rotate tires. During the 10-week program, students will learn budgeting and fiscal management skills, laying the foundation for a healthy and successful financial future. Through collaboration with local community colleges, mentors, and partnerships with local automotive businesses, students will get hands-on learning experiences that will set them up for success within the automotive industry.

By the end of the Vocational Education program, students will have built a portfolio of accomplishments that highlight their knowledge and abilities in automotive trades, an individualized roadmap on how to achieve their goals, and contacts for further career and educational opportunities. The portfolio will be shared in their interviews with Discount Tire, Fix Auto, NAPA Auto Parts, apprenticeships, or other opportunities.

Program begins January 2023.

More details and information regarding registration and program curriculum to come.